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Qin, a young Confucius in the making, struggles with self-discovery in his village, Kyosei.

Living among a compassionate people and raw nature, he interprets his reality through music.

When his serene space is invaded by the neighboring tribe, Qin flees searching for clarity.

He travels to the mysterious Founder Mountain, only to be transported to another world. Confronted by Artificial Intelligence, a strange new language, and a censored people, Qin realizes his road to self-mastery is universal.

Can he navigate the modern world and make it back to save his village?


Knives and Ropes

Hino is an artist. A master of shibari: Japanese rope bondage. She lives a marginalized life as a trans-woman in conservative Japan. Finally settling down with her high profile husband, she suddenly loses him to a violent hate crime. Before letting her despair consume her, she translates her rage into revenge.

Detective Wa Otsuka, a level-headed investigator in Fukuoka's Police Department, finds Hino's first victim. He digs deeper into the case only to encounter a troubling pattern: the victims are all LGBTQ oppressors.

Wa finds himself revealing unknown parts of himself during the investigation.During his first encounter with Shibari Man, he is pushed to the brink and instinctively releases a kitchen knife from his right hand.

Will he escape this abyss?