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Women's Fiction

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Natasha and Kuku

Welcome to my home. I am Natasha, a mahogany branch. I live happily in the forest, until, one day, the race of men come to destroy my kin...

You have never known feelings of trees, have you?

Well, I'll tell you...



The Dame Who Dared to Dream – Perfidy

Karthika is a fresher in college. Being a wallflower, she finds it difficult to make friends. Finally, she not onlyl finds a friend, but also falls in love, in vain. As years roll-by, Karthika, who is a budding writer, tries her best at online competitions from time to time. When she finally wins one, she is unable to enjoy the fruits of her labou - simply because she is a woman!!
To add to her misery, her marriage is arranged with a guy who demands huge amounts of dowry. Being an educated woman, she is unwilling to be sold out this way.
What will happen? Will she be able to convince her parents not to pay dowry? Will she be able to make her educated fiance understand that receiving dowry is a criminal offense?


The Killing Curse

An engineering College has two back to back deaths. Is it suicide or murder? Are they separate instances or connected? Read on, through this gripping short story to find out more..