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A Ghost In The Theatre

Ruby and Nessa Laurel are ghost hunters. They locate ghosts who are haunting places – or people.

It’s a well-known fact that the Mill Street Theatre is haunted. And everyone knows the building closes for cleaning work during the first week in September every year. But this is a cover-up. The theatre closes because the hauntings escalate during that week, bringing a threat to human life.
The owner decides these hauntings have to be investigated, and any ghosts dealt with.
The Laurel sisters offer their help. Their investigations lead them to a heartbreaking story.


4 Short Mysteries

4 Short Mysteries
Julia Blake runs a cleaning business. She has the unfortunate knack of getting herself involved in murder investigations:
Book 1 - Virtually Scared To Death
Book 2 - A Deadly Restoration
Book 3 - A Party To Die For
Grace Abrahams can see ghosts. She helps them with their unfinished business so that they can move on:
Book 4 - A Different Shade Of Death