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Straight From A Millennial

Straight From A Millennial is a collection of poetry that depicts a young man who struggles to understand his role in the world; besides being a creative writer. These poems describe his ongoing battles with Crohn’s Disease, social anxiety, and depression. He mentions radical notions inspired by his devotion to Anarcho-Capitalism, where he believes a “save us from ourselves” mentality has become rampant during the presidential election of 2016. The most important struggle he faces is with himself, where he feels trapped in two types of separate realities; rural and urban, the real world and his apparent separation from everyone due to social anxiety. This series of poems is meant to provide a guiding light for others who feel demoralized because of their circumstances.


Snow Wolf

It was supposed to be a relaxing wilderness retreat—a seven-day vacation from the everyday grind. But for John Ellis and his three best friends, their trip to Wolf Mountain State Forest has become so much more.
Deep in the woods of Wyoming, the four friends become deeply self-reflective, exploring their relationships, identities, and future careers.

But when the group encounters a lone white wolf, as pure and bright as snow, their journey takes an unexpected turn. After a momentary miscommunication, the friends accept Snow Wolf as their guard dog and protector.
Exploring contemporary issues with passion and heart, Snow Wolf is a story of overcoming obstacles—searching for love and acceptance, staying true to oneself, and enduring overwhelming loss.