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Feel the Pride: Paranormal Origins Short Story

Nothing is out of ordinary in Brandon's life. 

He's got a good job, and the wedding with Rachel is soon.

But the trip to Africa had stirred everything inside of him, and unlocked powers he did not want to touch...

 Feel the Pride is a paranormal origins short story, and a part of my UF universe filled with witches, shifters, vampires, demons and Keepers - a unique elements-bending squad.


[Preview] Freeze: Science Fantasy Novelette (Book 2 of The Great Keeper Series)

In a world where people have the choice between starving or getting paid to be experimented on, they are happy to choose the latter.

The Keepers, using the elemental powers of nature, are the only hope that humanity has to take down the despotic control of a genetic engineering company.

Captain Dana Reeves is the leader of a group of fighters within the Keepers. But a mistake made by someone close to Dana may lead to terrible consequences for the source of the Keepers’ magic—and the world as a whole.

That mistake forces her to make a choice between saving the man she dates or her mentor in the military. A choice that may change the outcome of the war dramatically.

This is a preview to Freeze, Book 2 of The Great Keeper series.



Christmas Eve Frenzy (The Great Keeper series, dystopian romance short story)

A young woman with a great destiny in a dystopian future finds herself facing a powerful enemy. A genetic engineering company seeks to destroy what’s left of humanity using a new innovation against the Journeymen, ordinary human beings. Captain Dana Reeves is not an ordinary human being, but has abilities that enable her to summon the earth, wind, water and fire in a bid to watch over the defenseless humans that remain. She must use her wits and heart against the enemy to protect mankind. Amidst the turmoil, she finds comfort in the arms of a man who will change the course of her future. They must both go against the forces that keep them apart and leave behind the beliefs that have made them who they are.

This short story is set between the events of Great Keeper series Drown and Freeze.


Shake, Dystopian/Urban Fantasy novelette (preview)

For the fans of Mr Robot, V for Vendetta and The Last Airbender comes a tale like no other...

If the government cannot be trusted...
While a bioengineering company tries to enslave the country...
When people with unusual powers start emerging...

Can Adele, a 21-year-old young shy French government intern, find the way to stop a catastrophe?..
Or will she lead it?..

Find out in Shake, Book 1 of the Great Keeper series!

(This is a PREVIEW to Shake.
For a limited time the text also includes sneak peek into my other books, among them Urban Fantasy novelette The Ritual).



The Ritual: Urban Fantasy Clean FF Romance

Camille is a talented customer service specialist by day, and a neophye witch by night. She likes to cast spells, levitate, drink, flirt and sing karaoke.
But when she meets shy Stella, her aim in life changes.
She needs to have her, and above all, she wants Stella to be safe.
Which soon begins to be pretty problematic, because Camille's coven demands a sacrifice...

This book is only the first in a series where our heroes fight against the internal and external enemies, complete with vampires, shifters, and demons from hell. The series is a delicious mix of romance, urban fantasy, and thriller. You’ll be happy you picked up the first book and eager to read the next.

This is a PREVIEW of The Ritual, Book 1 of The Coven Unleashed series.



Rent-a-Boyfriend preview (MM NA romance)

This is a preview!
Enter the world of Jackson Huang-Worcester.
Fresh out of college, he went straight into the corporate world. When his family hints at an arranged marriage, he goes with the only logical plan: hire a guy and pretend to be gay.
Jackson soon understands, though, that he doesn’t have to pretend.
It might not be that logical. But then again, love isn’t logical…