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Fairest One

Rosa only wanted to keep her seven foster brothers happy and avoid awkward situations with the hottest guy in school. What she didn’t mean to do was turn invisible.

Life gets more complicated when her stepmom shows up and asks her to come live with her. Having a family is all Rosa’s ever wanted, but when she begins to have dreams that come true, she can’t justify leaving. Just when she thinks she’s all alone, a strange girl from California shows up and tells her she's the girl prophesied about in the fairytale, Snow White. But the story left out the fact that the princess had superpowers.

When she discovers she not the only one with magic, she must decided to trust these strangers to save her loved ones or keep her secret hidden and try to rescue them herself.


Cinder Heart

Gabriella was your typical teenage girl until her hand suddenly bursts into flames. Stuck in the school’s bathroom, she can’t control it. Once the inferno suddenly stops, she’s left living in fear that any emotion will send her temperature soaring and her hand will ignite. Again.

Staying calm is a challenge when she lives with a controlling stepmom and stepsisters. Or when Hal Charm, the hot Senior, shows up on her doorstep with secrets of his own. Just when she feels like no one understands what she’s going through, her calculus teacher claims to be her fairy godmother and tells Gabbie that she is the princess prophesied about in the fairytale, Cinderella. But they got it wrong. Instead of being a princess in need of rescuing, she’s the hero.