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Larry was born and raised in Colorado, the state he still calls home. A Navy veteran, he also has been a welder, mechanic, custom paint and body man, as well as a stock car race driver. The nickname Animal came about in 1973, and has endured for over four decades. In the Navy, it meant someone who partied hard, and it definitely was appropriate at the time. Animal, as Larry is known to most people who know him, has been involved in charity fund-raising work since the mid 1980's, raising tens of thousands of dollars to assist families of terminally-ill or seriously-ill children in his community. D-E-D, DEAD was Animal's first novel, and has been very well-received, and was a finalist in the prestigious 2013 Colorado Book Awards. Readers have been clamoring for a sequel, which was published in late 2016. DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip is the sequel to D-E-D, DEAD, and follows Eric "Hammer" Thorssen as he finds himself in the Rocky Mountains, once again battling those who make and sell meth. There is plenty of action, some unforgettable characters, and a healthy dose of snarky humor. DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip was named a finalist in the 2017 Colorado Book Awards. Animal and his lovely wife live in southern Colorado, in the San Luis Valley.



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DED Reckoning: Vengeance takes a road trip

DED Reckoning is the much-anticipated sequel to D-E-D, DEAD. This new novel follows Eric "Hammer" Thorssen as he heads to Colorado to find a distant relative but instead finds monsters... the kind that make and sell meth while using and abusing young women hooked on their poison. Hammer and his friends hand out their brand of punishment. Snarky humor, action, memorable characters, and sexy shenanigans abound.

A 2017 Colorado Book Awards finalist in the Thriller genre.



D-E-D, DEAD is the tale of a man whose conscience makes him take on his motorcycle club for their manufacture and sale of crystal meth, coupled with their use of young girls to fill their pockets with cash. He ends up running for his life. He finds some help, including some strong, intelligent women, in the Tennessee woods, and they help him finish the job. Lots of action, set in 1990 in the American South.

A 2013 Colorado Book Awards Finalist in Crime/Mystery.