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He is the captain of the football team. He has the body of a Greek God and eyes of one too. But he is a total jerk and playboy...

Unfortunately he is my next door neighbour...


Zach is the pride of our school.
Always stealing touchdowns and bringing victory home for the school.
All the girls want him, and he had them all.

I knew all too well because he was my dormitory neighbour.
And the walls are way too thin for my liking.

His arrogance and ignorance goes against everything I stood for,
let alone the TYPE of guy I would go for.

But when he came to me with an offer I couldn't refuse....
I started to wonder if I took it on for my end of the offer....
Or because I've secretly fallen for the campus heartthrob...




I could describe him as my Prince Charming. He had the perfect smile, body and even manners. He was perfect.

My Prince Charming literally walked into the coffee shop that day.
And we had an encounter that seemed almost unreal, like a scene from a Disney movie.

He was different...polite, sweet, and gorgeous.
He was even an heir to one of the Four Families, an elite at Brighton Academy.

So why do I keep getting distracted...
the guy that stood for everything I hated...



Royal Pain

I vaguely remember seeing his gorgeous face and mesmerizing hazel eyes somewhere before..

Unfortunately it was in the tabloids…and not the good kind...


All I wanted to do was pursue my dream in teaching…
This was supposed to be the golden opportunity for me..

Until I met HIS Royal Highness…
The most handsome creature I’ve ever seen…
But also the most spoiled, arrogant and promiscuous man as well!

I wish I never met him..
I wish I never fell for him…….