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The First Cut

Please, take a seat, allow me to attach a gown and let you settle down, take this cup of tea, I’ll sharpen my scissors and heat up my tongs, while I cut and style, I’ll plait you a tale of Sylvia Sprout.
Born in England to a mother who died and a father who stole for a trade. She was sent to the kids’ home in old London town then shipped to Australia to nuns with a frown.
So how did she meet the flamboyant Solomon Scutlash, king of scissors, cute of face, with a jealous boyfriend to cut to the chase?
Why did she become his blushing bride with the jealous Uncle Arthur at her side?
How did she end up as the salon queen and how did she visit all the places she’s seen?
Read this story and become acquainted with the strong, big-hearted Sylvia and the Wavy Lady Hair Salon.