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In The Moonlight: Prequel (MMF Bisexual Romance)

Wynn Wyatt is a 24 year old genius CEO of one of the hottest software companies in the world. He has money, success, and a beautiful woman on his arm. He has everything. At least, he thought he did until he met Bowe Palmer, the man sent to strip Wynn of his company.

Are Wynn and Bowe on separate sides, though? Or are Wynn and Bowe destined to fall in love and change the world? Will Bowe awaken a part of Wynn that Wynn didn’t know existed? And will Bowe Palmer change Wynn’s life forever?

‘In The Moonlight: Prequel’ is the steamy story that sets the stage for the funny, ultra-high heat standalone ‘In The Moonlight: MMF Bisexual Romance’. ‘In The Moonlight: Prequel’ contains not-to-be-missed MF, MM, and MMF scenes.


The Muse: Prequel (MMF Bisexual Romance)

Ever wonder how someone goes from a poor college student to one of the sexiest billionaires in the world? It starts with a dream, and that is exactly what Brik Evander has when he meets Roberto, a sexy-as-hell clothing designer whose seductively curvy wife chooses Brik for an opportunity of a lifetime.

Working at a Las Vegas hotel for high-rollers, Brik never imagined he would end up as the muse to a clothing designer. But that was what he was. And how do you amuse a world famous designer? You make love to his beautiful wife while he watches. Being a muse clearly had its benefits. But did they include fulfilling Brik’s secret fantasy with a scorching hot billionaire? The couple won’t be at the hotel long, so Brik is running out of time to find out.

‘The Muse: Prequel’ is MMF and steamy!


Island Candy: Prequel (MMF Bisexual Romance)

Ever wonder how someone becomes a bad boy billionaire? Devlin doesn’t have to wonder because if he can convince Sergio, a gorgeous billionaire, to buy his companies, Devlin will become one of the richest men in the world. What’s standing in Devlin’s way? Ava, Sergio’s seductively curvy wife who can’t take her eyes off of Devlin.

Traveling to the Bahamas to close the deal of a lifetime, Devlin has more to worry about than just keeping his hands off of Ava. He’s starting to have lustful thoughts about Sergio. But is there a way that Devlin can have them both while becoming one of the richest men on the planet? Devlin might have the answer, but he only has two days to find out.

‘Island Candy: Prequel’ is the steamy story that sets the stage for the very funny, ultra-high heat standalone ‘


Until Your Toes Curl: Prequels (MMF Bisexual Romance Anthology)

6 steamy must-have MMF romances about bad boys, billionaires and boyfriends who know how to treat their curvy girls. Filled with lust, love, and endless twists and turns, these HEA endings will make your toes curl as you crave for more.

In The Moonlight: Prequel
A genius meets the love of his life and he makes a business deal that is destine to make him one of the richest men on the planet. Mind-blowing sex, emotional-fulfillment, and humor follow… with a catch.

The Muse: Prequel
A sexy businessman with a dream meets a billionaire and his sexy, curvy wife. Together they have a mind-blowing sexual adventure which will change their lives forever.

Island Candy: Prequel
Bane: Prequel
Bittersweet: Prequel
Before He Was Famous: Prequel


Bane: Prequel (An M/M/F Bisexual Erotic Romance)

The moment Taylor Clark met Bane Vanderbilt, spark sizzled between them. There is a reason for that and it lays in their past. Who was Bane’s love before Taylor? It was Faiden Cantor, the grandson of a billionaire. Was Faiden the love of Bane’s life or did Faiden damage Bane beyond repair?

Taylor Clark is a man brought to his knees by secrets. There is a reason for that. Could Adam, his first love, be the cause?

What lengths were Taylor and Bane willing to go through to find their true loves? Could their true loves be someone else? And how could two men as different as Bane and Taylor even meet?


Before He Was Famous: Prequel (MMF Bisexual Romance)

What would you do if one night your best friend told you that they were in love with you? Drue Bishop doesn’t have to wonder because, on a camping trip with the boys, Will, his best friend, confessed his love for him. Drue had never considered being with a boy before, but he had always felt tingles for his classmate. Will his best friend’s confession be the moment that changes Drue’s life?

Written by international bestselling author A. Anders, this prequel is a romance with tantalizing sex and passionate love. If you haven’t read A. Anders’s standalone ‘Before He Was Famous: An MMF Bisexual Romance,’ this prequel page-turner will sweep you away while revving you up for the steamy MMF erotic romance.