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Science Fiction

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Paranormal Romance Sampler

This is a sampler. It contains two or three chapters of the first book in each of my series.


Enzo: The Wolves Den book one

Could they hospitalize her because of the voices in her head? Every day they grew louder, and she grew more concerned. If that wasn’t enough, she needed a job and a place to live pronto. None of that seemed to be happening fast enough to keep her off the street.

Enzo crashed to earth with his battalion four hundred years ago; now his life was avoiding the government and taking care of his people. He never expected Deja to be able to breach the barrier and stand on the doorstep of his club looking for a job. His carefully planned life was going up in smoke and each new day was now better than the last.

Neither of them realized she was being hunted by both humans as well as other aliens. There was a battle brewing, and the only thing they had to fight with was the love growing between them


Aran: Love Me Harder Book One

Aran came to earth looking for the one thing he couldn’t find on his planet, a mate. Finding a female to be able to handle him during sex was a challenge he didn’t expect on this planet.

Rena wasn’t expecting to meet someone that intrigued her just as she was ready to give up on meeting the right male. He called to her, making her want to take one more chance.

He wanted to mate; she wanted romance, what neither of them wanted was the stalker trailing behind them. Someone was out to kill her, and they needed to find out why before their fledgling relationship died a quick death.



Aran's Twin

Slade was the rejected twin, that knowledge at him taking away the joy he found in life. Now that Bria was no longer with him all he wanted was revenge.

Aran was his twin but he didn’t know that he existed until it was much too late for him to find his brother. The two of them may meet on a battlefield of his brother making.

Bria the only person in his life worth living had other ideas for Slade and his misfit brothers he picked up along the way.

This story has romance and love in it, but does not have a HEA. It is the prequel to The Broken which will be filled with HEA’s for all.

If you want to know where the story started this is the place.

This prequel is a short story