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Science Fiction

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Omega Point

A lonely Creator. A universe built of crude fractal mathematics. Life, seething and surging, evolving towards something . . . greater.

Built on the Tielhard hypothesis, this new short story from Yudhanjaya Wijeratne explores the birth of a universe surprisingly like ours, but with a difference: this one is home to a God so vast It uses stars as information storage and black holes as compute nodes. All alone in the darkness, the Alpha and Omega nudges this new world, dissatisfied, in search of the one thing that might ease Its ultimate loneliness: civilization.



When Patrick Udo is offered a job at NumberCorp, he packs his bags and goes to the Valley. After all, the 2030s are a difficult time, and jobs are rare. Little does he know that he's joining one of the most ambitious undertakings of his time or any other.

NumberCorp, crunching through vast amounts of social network data, is building a new society - one where everyone's social circles are examined, their activities quantified, and their importance distilled into the all-powerful Number. A society where everyone and everything knows exactly how important you are.

As the world reacts to the Number, the questions start coming in. What would you do to build the perfect state? And how far is too far?

Winner of the 2017 Virtual FantasyCon Award.