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Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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Played Like a Fiddle

Brandon’s rebellious father, Lochiel Cameron has finally made amends with the King, and offered his sin, Brandon, to King James as a hostage for good behavior. James is well aware that the gesture is an empty one, but he doesn’t care, for he has need of Brandon’s talents as a spy.
The King sends Brandon on a mission to find Angus Dubh, a man hell bent on taking back the Isles for Clan MacDonald. In efforts to seek out Angus Dubh, Brandon joins on with a troupe of musicians who travel through the highlands, playing for the great Lords. There, he meets a lovely young harpist, one who has the power to derail Brandon from his mission. Brandon tries to resist Meg, but he’s unable to. And the deeper he falls under her spell, the more he begins to realize that Meg might be more than she seems.



Rogue Highlander: The Lady Sparrow