Greetings from the red shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Since I was very young, writing was always a strong passion of mine. Growing up, I often dreamt up stories and wrote them for fun. This passion prompted me to enter the field of journalism, where I've worked on an ongoing basis since 2006. When not writing, I enjoy travelling. Desiring to get a different perspective of the world, I lived in China for 15 months working as an English teacher.


Other (Fiction)

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Summer of Fear

A page-turning chiller in the tradition of Lee Child and James Patterson, Summer of Fear is fuelled by one seasoned homicide detective's struggle between his religious convictions and doing his duty.
Over his 20 - year career, Antonio Guardini has investigated some very disturbing, grisly crimes. But the latest string of murders that have New Yorkers in a paralyzing state of fear have struck a personal chord within Antonio. A devout Catholic and prolife activist, the hardened cop is tasked with tracking down the wily serial killer who is stalking and butchering the city's abortion physicians. As his personal beliefs begin conflict with his job, a struggle ensues as Antonio delves deeper the twisted myriad of clues left by the murderer and his victims. Will Antonio identify and apprehend th


When The Guns Were Turned On Us

The New World Order has come to the American Northwest, but that doesn't mean liberty has surrendered. Molon Labe.