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Like a lot of authors, I use my initials. But no periods. Because wouldn't that be nice?

My prose is clean but my stories aren't. I'm a business traveler who writes dirty stories in the seat next to you while you sleep.

I have an erotic romance book coming out in late 2017 under a different author name so make sure you stay in touch. Go to www.rgkerrbooks for FREE short stories or to be a beta reader.



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Women on Top

5 new authors. 5 erotic short stories. All about women who take the bull by the horns. A collection of some of the best erotica by new authors you'll read this year. Plenty of kink and taboo situations. If you're looking for erotica for women with explicit sex, you've found it.

**Featuring stories by RG Kerr, Dane Luxembre, Scarlett Stone, Dr. J, and Paige Fieldsted**