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Hello and thanks for coming to my profile. I'm Larry G. Maguire and I'm a project manager by day, artist & writer by night. I create short stories and thought provoking articles about life and people and I'm currently working on two books which you can check out here. I like to challenge popular opinion too, regularly asking you to consider new, often counterintuitive concepts. My stuff can be heavy shit, and at times opinionated, but I think it matters.


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The Artist's Manifesto

V4 2018 Update: The Artist’s Manifesto is a call to arms for creative people like you to ignore the opinions of others, to leave behind the need to be accepted, and finally create the beautiful things you were meant to. It is a request for you to find the silence, to finally listen to the small voice that’s been calling you all your life. It’s call for you to bring a true representation of yourself into the world without fear of rejection.

We are the Storymakers, and we tell our stories through our art. That can never be compromised for the sake of applause, for when we do, we lose the truth and honour in our work. The Artist’s Manifesto is a declaration of who we are and what we stand for.



The Illusion of Time

What if everything you thought you knew about reality was merely a figment of your imagination? My investigations into science and philosophy and the nature of time and space suggests that might well be the case. Discover what I’ve found hidden in plain sight, and what it might mean for humanity as the true concept of time becomes known to the masses.