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Repulsive Origins: The Captain

When a supervillain attacks civilians, the US Army is first on the scene. Lieutenant Samuel Shields is given the impossible task of protecting lives and property. His weapons won’t hurt a three-story tall enhanced hostile, and even if he could figure out a way to take the enemy out, he’s not allowed to engage under any circumstances. Instead, he must wait for the so-called superheroes to show up.

Leave it to the politicians to create such a FUBAR situation.

Two children are put in danger, and Samuel is forced to make a life-altering decision. If he follows orders, he’ll have the deaths of two kids on his conscience. But if he disobeys, he risks his life and, worse, a court martial.


Abuse of Power

Life is good for Auggie, an army major traveling the countryside avoiding responsibility for running his father’s duchy, but when he meets a woman who needs a hero, his sense of duty forces him to confront conflicting desires.

Alaina hates being a fugitive. She’s always looking over her shoulder for the catcher who will have her executed. Maybe she should just do the right thing and turn herself in. If only she could find the courage.

Alaina is captured, and Auggie rescues her. When he learns that she’s guilty, both he and she must decide which is right—following their hearts or following the law.