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Deceit for my Good Girl


Trained & Broken

That’s what he told me to call him.
A man with dark eyes, a darker soul, and the darkest carnal desires I’ve ever heard of. He tries to break me, body and spirit, but I’ve never been one to be denied.
Two weeks.
That’s how long I have to survive, and if I do I’ll be a million dollars richer.
Two weeks of lust. Two weeks of pain. Two weeks of Savage.
Just enough time to become perfect for him.


Alex: Wings of Diablo

As their fearless leader, he's ready for anything, but he never saw her coming.
I'm the new president of the Wings Of Diablo MC.

Fearless and commanding.

Being groomed for this job does nothing to silence the doubts.

They don't think I can lead, they think I'll crumble.

Now that Prime is gone, all our enemies are out for blood.

I never expected I'd need to be saved, I never expected her.


The Last Battle

The prince is finally given his chance to shine. The king has given him control of the army. Will he lead his people to victory or will his hubris cause him all that he is fighting for?


Crimson Illusion

Kate - I should have known, I was told not to trust the Palaens, but still I did. Now even after the broken bones and the bruises have healed, I am still left in pieces. No matter how hard I try to erase him from my memory, my heart always reminds me of one fact. I am in love with a killer.

Lucas - She is gone...just gone. Right when I thought maybe we would start a life together, she leaves me, or at least I hope she did. There was so much blood, and explanations why. I need to find her, even if its just to let her go.

Crimson Illusion is part 2 of the 7 Kingdoms Novels, Join Kate and Lucas and find out if they will they be able to move past what happened in New Hampshire and fight this new demon together or will they have to admit defeat.


Frozen Perfection

Kate and her Fae family had run every time there was another non-human in their mist. Now after starting a new life they are again faced with what is their most dangerous foe, Palaens. This time Kate wants to fight back! Her powers grow to heights she can not control, the teachings of her people no longer hold the same weight it used to, and these Palaens may just be the least of Kate Fields' problems. Will she stand strong and fight or will this be where she will fall?