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Women's Fiction

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A Cougar's Tale

A Cougar's Tale, An Erotic Romance Quickie


Ivy had given her husband, Jonah the best years of her life. And after a wild night of makeup sex he drops a nuclear bomb on her. Jonah was leaving her for another woman. His mistress was having his baby and they were going to be a family. Fortunately, his bitch move made Ivy a very rich woman after the divorce settlement. Suddenly, the stunning middle- aged, black woman finds herself rich and single. Going completely against her old school values she takes a play from her ex-husband’s book. Ivy decides to take on a young, viral lover. Still sexy and extremely beautiful, Ivy finds herself in the middle of a cougar’s tale.


A New Toy

Attorney Zatoya Waters has it all. She’s an independent woman who does not need anything or anyone except a friend with excellent benefits to keep her bed warm. After falling off the Pretty Boy tree repeatedly Zatoya, aka Toy, had given up on finding a man of her own. Then, stranded 200 miles from home Toy does the unimaginable. She accepts a ride from a handsome stranger. Their chemistry is explosive. Their sexual tension is undeniable. His heart's been broken a time or two. Yet, he instantly see's his future in Toy's eyes. And Toy quickly decides one more climb on the pretty boy tree won't kill her. This book is a sexy, funny, exhilarating thrill ride.