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Taniwha's Javelin

Five years ago, a malevolent being forced Tiare to leave his native New Zealand. It was the only way to protect Sidonia, the woman he loves. He’s been on the run until now. The creature chasing him hasn’t appeared in a year, and Tiare thinks it’s finally safe to be with Sidonia again.

Sidonia never knew why Tiare left until he shows up on the doorstep of her new home in Maine. When an otherworldly being appears on the dock of her island home, she discovers why Tiare left without saying goodbye.

Winter weather stops the ferry, which is the island’s only connection to the mainland. Worse, Tiare’s sea dragon shifter form can’t survive in the icy water. Trapped, he and Sidonia realize they have no choice but to face the deadly creature and fight for the love they’ve only just rediscovered.