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A Single Girl's Guide to Paris

A Single Girl’s Guide to Paris

The Single Girl Series

I'm Ember, small-town girl living my dream. Last year a post from my little travel blog went viral. I went from one hundred followers to one million, and now places are paying me to visit and write about them. That's why I'm on a plane to Paris, the city of lights. Can things get any better?

I see Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome on the plane. He's the stuff fantasies are made of.

Carter, ex-military and now private security. What are the chances she's at my hotel, about a million to one? Her sweet southern drawl makes me have thoughts. I'd love to awaken the desires that slumber deep within her. Force her to unleash the passion I see in her eyes.

Wild nights in Paris.


First Fire: A Guardians Prequel

Sometimes, the magic knows just what you need!

Daughter of a Celtic Goddess and a Viking Berserker, Ylva has power to spare. She is beautiful and gentle, fierce when it is needed. She controls both the magic and the rage that runs through her body. But, beware of her icy blue eyes.

Asger, Berserker blood course through his veins. Chosen to be a guardian, because of his ferociousness in battle, loyalty and heart. Who knew she would claim it all. But is he strong enough to stand withstand her rage.