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Michelle Lee

Fun and sexy story. Loved the leading lady taking charge of her life and finding some hot romance.

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Cutting Ice

Career versus love. Love for a partner, love for your friends, love for the place you call home. One decision can change it all.

When a huge opportunity for Emily forces her to move across the country, her relationship with her boyfriend crumbles. Newly single and now trapped in a small town for next several months, Emily throws herself into her work: an in-depth report on an up-and-coming hockey team and its number one player.

When Emily’s desire to get close to the team and prove that she can be one of the guys leads to a wild and steamy night with Sam, the team’s sexy rising-star, her article hits a roadblock. Sam’s previously easy-going, open, and cocky manner turns cold and distant, forcing Emily to chase him down for an interview.

Sam has just been given the opportunity of a lifet



Life Renovated

On the same day that an expected promotion turns into the worst day of my career, my relationship with my fiance comes to a stinging and abrupt end. Obviously, a wild night of dancing and flirting seems like the only sensible thing to do.

But when a steamy one night stand ends with a broken house, rather than a broken heart, I’m left to pick up the pieces all by myself. I’ve never felt so lonely. Newly single, unemployed and standing ankle deep in water and debris, at least things don’t seem likely to get any worse… but things do. In more ways than one.

Will my one night stand become a DIY repair for both my crumbling home and my broken heart, or will my amorous ways cost Liam his job?

Life Renovated is a stand-alone romance novella with no cheating and HEA.


Hit Hard

Rock n’ roll, underground fighting, steamy sex - get ready to get Hit Hard in the heart.

Aspiring musician Emilia tags along with her friend for a night on the town, but has no idea the adventure she’s in for. When the sweet sticky aroma of sweat, booze, and blood strike Emilia’s senses, she suddenly realizes she’s been dragged into the dangerous world of underground boxing. Desperate to leave, she’s about to make her exit when the most drop dead gorgeous man she’s ever seen steps into view and stops her in her tracks.

Darius Frost - tall, ripped like a Greek god, and sporting a chin full of sexy stubble - is slugging it out in the main fight of the night. Not only has he caught Emilia’s attention, but it looks like he’s got his eyes on her too. After a furious slug-fest...


Sexy Secrets

WARNING: Diner Delight is a short story that is very different from other books by April Fire. First, it’s much more explicitly descriptive than our other work, and raunchier too. It also features cheating - which we know many of you don’t like in your romance novels. It’s still very close to our heart, and there’s a good reason for that - It’s the very first work of fiction we’ve ever written together. We hope you to enjoy reading it.

P.S. In case you were wondering, April has never cheated on Aidan :)

What if you had a husband who hadn’t been as loving as you’d like?

What if he’d been too busy to satisfy the hunger burning inside of you?

What if a handsome stranger walked into your workplace and offered to fulfill your most secret desires? What if you had a Sexy Secret that you d