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Murder & Madness #3 in the Mavis Davis Series

Someone axed cruise ship Captain Skip Linden. When the cops can't solve this heinous crime, the decedent's sister hires Private Investigator Mavis Davis to find the killer.


Death of a Prince

Criminal defense attorney Sandra Salinsky is hired to defend the alleged killer of plaintiffs' attorney Phillip Parker. Salinsky and her mother, Erma Townley, not only are law partners but often sparing partners. Since the decedent was Salinsky's mother's best friend, the case becomes more complicated than it first appears.

Although the defendant claims she's innocent, the lawyers soon learn defendant had millions of reasons to kill Parker, and not all of them were about money. To make matters worse, Edgar Saul, the prosecutor from hell, is assigned to the case. Sandra and Erma put their heads together to try to figure out who really killed Parker, before one of them becomes the next victim.


My First Murder

Mavis Davis, a likable, new-to-the-job private investigator, not only has one of the wackiest office staffs in mystery fiction but also goes about solving her first crime in her own, independent, highly interesting way.

When greasy-spoon cafe owner Carl Singleton shows up wanting to hire Mavis to solve the murder of one of his waitresses, Doris Jones, a woman with whom he has fallen in love, Mavis reluctantly takes the job especially when Carl confesses that all the other private investigators in Houston have turned him down. But, facts are facts, and Mavis has to face the fact that she has bills to pay that serving legal papers won't cover.

What she learns is, there is scandal deep in the heart of Texas. She only hopes she can uncover it before it's too late for her.


The Sweet Scent of Murder

Private Investigator Mavis Davis starts out searching for a missing girl as a favor to wacky Candy Finklestein, her half-day, high school worker, but the search soon becomes a search for a kidnapper and murderer when the missing girl's brother also disappears and their father winds up dead. Because of her missteps, Mavis is implicated in the kidnapping and must solve the case to clear her name. Even her cop boyfriend, Ben, can't help her this time--or rather, won't. If Mavis can't solve this caper, she's facing a life sentence!