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Genevieve doesn’t believe in past lives, demons, or true love. All of which seems like a perfectly practical approach to life until the thing that killed her in World War One decides it’s time to try again…

Now Viv is bouncing between two lives and being stalked by something evil in both of them. As the love story of two soldiers unfolds in her memory, her heart opens for a man who may not even be available.

Not that she has time to worry about minor details. If she can’t figure out the demon’s identity fast, Viv could lose more than just her life. She could lose everything she never believed in.


The Dimensional Shift

Chloe Watson is an ordinary girl looking forward to a nice, peaceful winter, until she finds a bizarre artifact in a hotel room and meets its owner, Andrew Paige. He might look like an ordinary suit, but he's got a string of secrets hiding behind his knee-weakening smile. When he offers her a job at The Dimensional Shift, Chloe is tossed straight into the world of inter-dimensional tourists and their odd accommodations.

Between dealing with the Shift's unusual guests, and trying to determine if the boss' interest in her is strictly professional, Chloe uncovers a plot to steal the hotel's dimensional keys. With the help of the town gossip, her alien abductee neighbor, and her new invisible best friend, Chloe confronts and inter-dimensional crime ring and a host of complications that make


A Moth In Darkness

Liz Larson is fairy touched, a revel Dancer struggling with an addiction to fairy food and the lure of her own memories. When a strange elf turns up with an old photo and a new mission, Liz has only one answer for the uptight agent. No way. Never again.
Marcus Bramble is not interested in babysitting a human junkie, but a series of ghastly murders has spread terror across the Fey lands. Only the fairies know what's going on, and only one person can get the little devils to talk. Unfortunately, Liz has no interest in cooperating... until the investigation points to her old partner.
Until Lockland Sheen is involved.
Now the elvin agent and the human Dancer set out to save both their worlds. Unfortunately, the more they rely on Liz’s tie to the fairies, the closer she inches toward madness.


Storm Dragon

Is There A Dragon In You?

I never should have let Steph drag me to that Psychic Fair. Metaphysical nonsense doesn’t suit me, Seattle doesn't suit me, and I think I might be allergic to patchouli. I’m definitely allergic to car accidents, to giant elk falling from the sky, and most importantly, to the huge, blue dragon that’s attached its obnoxious tail to my navel.
Just try having a smart-ass dragon nattering in your brain twenty-four-seven. Better yet, don’t try it. I recommend skipping the entire, batshit crazy, ordeal. Avoid black cats. Don’t get that Reiki treatment, and definitely don’t wake up alone, surrounded by other dragons who know way more than you do about what the hell is going on.


The Earth Tigers

The burrows of the Great Ones are stirring...
The burrows of the Great Ones are stirring. Horatch, a T'rant scout, is sent into the jungles to find a promising candidate among the scattered tribes of humans. He must risk his life to find one special child who is brave, talented, and able to survive the tests ahead.

When he meets Milyi, his hopes soar. But just returning her to the Temple proves difficult for the spider scout. An ancient enemy has also awoken, and if the Wisps have their way, the Great Ones will remain a part of history, the T'rants will fall, and the humans will live as servants to the Wisp cults taking root in secret all across their world.