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The Dharma of Harry Potter: A Muggle's Guide to Buddhism (1st Look)

"You're a Buddha, Harry."
"I'm a what?"

We are all Buddhas. The message of Buddhism is that each of us possesses the awareness, love, wisdom, and power of the Buddha. Everyone the ability to awaken. Yet most of us are unaware of this power within ourselves.

Harry Potter learns, as the Buddha did, to confront the source of his suffering with wisdom, courage, compassion, and love. The same ability lies within us all.

The Dharma of Harry Potter provides a unique, compelling, and fun introduction to the core ideas and practices of Buddhism. It also adds depth and insight to our understanding of the characters, themes, and events of the Harry Potter Saga.

Whether you're a Harry Potter fan or a Seeker interested in Buddhism, this book points to the way to the golden snitch.