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Blood Promise Free Preview

With a murderous beast on her heels and a conniving daemon who wants to use her for his own means, Tora Hayden’s main objective is to keep herself and those she cares about alive.

After meeting an enigmatic businessman who possibly suffers from florid psychosis, Tora is propelled into the world of the supernatural. She’s forced to believe the mythical world exists when she’s brutally attacked by a savage fiend intent on annihilating her family line. With the assistance of the psychotic businessman, along with a gorgeous manwhore whom Tora swore to never date but ends up doing just that, she discovers her dead great-grandmother was an otherworldy warioress.

Blood Promise is a sexy, sarcastic, dark urban fantasy with action, romance, intrigue, and a bit of horror mixed throughout.


Katja's Curse

What happens when a witch doesn't heed the Witch's Creed to harm none and invokes the Rule of Three?