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Resurrection Island, book one of the Resurrection Series

Paradise, magic and… death.

Resurrection Island takes tormented souls and offers them a beautiful life.

Remy’s one job is to bring those who are broken and damaged to the paradise known as Resurrection Island. He's never had a problem until Alexandra.

Alexandra soon realizes things on Resurrection Island are not what they appear. A darkness shadows this beautiful and magical world. People are mysteriously disappearing and no one seems to notice. The place that was once like heaven might actually be hell. Even her sexy Savior seems to be hiding something...

Will Remy save the one woman who was never meant to step foot on Resurrection Island or will the island claim another innocent victim?


Fate of the Hybrid, Prequel Short Story to the Mortals and Mystics Series

In a flawed dystopian society, it’s humans versus mystics. And the humans are winning.
When the Infinity Witch warns Asher to return to his own kind, he doesn’t listen. Asher Xavier, a hybrid vampire, chooses instead to live a lonely neutral life, withdrawn from both mystics and mortals. A life alone is better than a life of imprisonment at the hands of the humans. The solitude doesn’t bother him…
Until he meets a fragile human girl who changes everything. Now Asher will risk his safety to protect her, altering the course of his life forever.