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Science Fiction


Stephanie Barr

You can never go wrong with Mirren Hogan. She creeps into your mind and heart and takes root.

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Nerra's Flight

She had two choices–run or die.

In a world where magic is illegal, the sentence for the ability to use it is death. Nerra has spent all of her life running and hiding.
But she's about to be found.
Start the journey to the world of Dargyn.

Nerra's Flight is the first in the Nerra's Story series.


Nerra's Children

Would you put duty before love?
When Nerra's grandson displays magical abilities, his mother is torn. Should she tell the reasoners about him and lose him forever, or stay quiet and risk punishment later?
Nerra urges her to say nothing, but she has an uneasy feeling. Will she be forced to take her grandson and resume her life on the run?
Experience the next instalment of Nerra's story.

This is the third story in the Nerra's Story series



Alone in space for fifteen long years.

When Rhapsody was attacked enroute from Earth to Alpha Centauri, Cade Knox was the only survivor. Raised by androids and an enigmatic AI, being alone for so long is taking its toll on his mind.

Or is it?


Nerra's Run

Sometimes you have to take a risk.
On the run from the infamous reasoners, Nerra has devoted ten years to saving children from death at their hands.
Given a warning from an ally, Nerra must now risk herself to free several young lives from their captors. Can she save these children, and her own child from a terrible fate?
Continue Nerra's terrifying journey.

Nerra's Run is the second story in the Nerra's Story series.