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The Billionaire's Proposal

Once, when Nora was young and stupid, she had that boy. The charmer, the one who made her feel like everything would be right in the world, as long as they had each other.

Then, the asshole heartlessly left her when an opportunity sprang his way.

It's taken five years to get over Travis and Nora drowned herself crying a thousand times over. But then she moved on and became a strong, work dedicated single lady

But one night Nora wanted a taste of something else – something toe-curlingly bad and deliciously sinful. So she let go completely and let the gorgeous, rough stranger take what he wanted from her, piece by piece.

Except now, the man who stripped Nora of her reservations, her hesitations, and her innocence is standing right in front of her.

In Nora’s conference room.