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Donna White Glaser is the author of The Letty Whittaker 12 Step Mystery series and the Blood Visions Paranormal Mystery series. She is a psychotherapist and lives northwestern Wisconsin. As if that weren’t enough, she and her husband own a residential construction company where it’s Donna’s job to deal with any overly emotional, what-do-you-mean-you-can’t-put-roof-trusses-up-in-a-thunderstorm? clients. Strangely enough, she often comes up with ideas for creative murders and hiding bodies during business hours. Currently she is at work on the sixth Letty Whittaker 12-Step Mystery, THE PATH WE TAKE and is plotting the second in the Blood Visions series, SCRY ME A RIVER. Donna would love to hear from you via her website at



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If Nothing Ever Changes

Halloween parties are supposed to be scary, but a strangled corpse tossed on the floor of the supply closet seems like overkill.
And it is.
When Letty Whittaker discovers her murdered friend, she realizes she has an “in” at the A.A. club that the cops never will. She knew the victim, she knows the suspects, . . . and she can learn their secrets. All of them.

*Please note this is a short story with a 1 chapter excerpt from Book One in the Letty Whittaker Humorous Mystery series: THE ENEMY WE KNOW.*