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The Fourth Age Shadow Wars: Assassins

From the ashes of the Great War, Men, Elves, and Dwarves struggle to rebuild their societies in the land of Nostraterra. Secret factions in each race risk plunging Nostraterra into open warfare by threatening the life of Alfrahil crown Prince of Eldora. As fire arrows hiss down within the city walls, a desperate Alfrahil rides for his life to escape assassination. Who is plotting to kill him and why?
Suspicion falls heavily on Alfrahil’s brother Prince Daerahil who craves the kingship, but is Daerahil guilty or a victim of the King’s duplicitous First Minister, Mergin? Elven weapons and Dwarven tools are clues pointing towards distant lands, but ignored by a vengeful Mergin. Braving unforeseen dangers Alfrahil sets forth from the city; determined to unmask the conspirators at any cost.