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The Undead Detective

A mediocre séance, sabotage and a supernatural dog fight. Or not how Silverthorne would choose to spend her holiday.

Harriet Silverthorne likes her human PA Ben, their spoiled Shih Tzu “Mr. Figgles” and solving crimes. Sure she’s set in her ways but that’s not surprising after being undead for two centuries. A reunion at the Colorado Ravenhurst mansion of her former vampire employer isn’t high on her “to do” list but Ben has asked for a white Christmas and Silverthorne is curious about how her former colleagues are faring.

But when their host is murdered she discovers Ravenhurst holds dark secrets with no guest escaping suspicion—fae, nymph, shifter, witch and demon.

Silverthorne has a talent for solving crimes, a taste for blood and a knack at wanting the forbidden.