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Having spent ten years as a bodyguard the main VIPs in Cheynne's life now are his wife and daughter with whom he lives in a leafy part of Hertfordshire. Originally from Walthamstow, East London, a long while before it was considered cool meant that the reality of life on a council estate found him roaming around inside his head. A lot. It was marginally safer than roaming the streets and he did a fair amount of that in his ‘yoof’. Soaking up sci-fi and fantasy comics as a kid pushed him into attempting some of his own creations and a love affair with drawing guns and swords eventually took him on a long path towards a BA Hons in Illustration. Having graduated, from there he did what every aspiring artist longs to do and became a licensed Frontline Close Protection Officer minding A-List celebrities. He’s been a nightclub bouncer, a surveillance operative for private investigation agencies and he’s co-owned a graphic design company, but a chance encounter with a flintlock pistol on a wall in one of York’s finest taverns gave him an itch for writing that wouldn’t go away. So now he’s roaming around his head again. And what a shady place it is.

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Historical Fiction


Dusty Sharp

A masterfully crafted short story. The characters are dastardly but endearing. The plot is quick and twisty. The action and detail are delightfully devilish. This quick read will have you feeling in short Supply of such engaging historical fiction, and Demanding more from author C.C. Edmonston!

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Supply And Demand

Amid the backwaters of 18th century Essex, an outlaw is tasked with collecting an overdue debt. But tanneries can hold secrets far worse than they smell ...

Samuel Shanklin has seen the darker side of life since the day he was born. Putting fear in folk from the moment he learned that fear can put food on the table tends to come easily to a man who knows that a knife is more than a tool for slicing bread. So when his employer wants unpaid rent from a recluse tenant living a long ride from the familiar stench of London, Shanklin and his sidekick seize the opportunity for some country air. But it might just be that the air ain’t so fresh where leather’s being made and the pair soon find themselves tasting some of their own foul medicine.

Twisted historical fiction at its finest.