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Love for One

Adrianna must make a choice…

In the center of her own love triangle, Adrianna thought she had it all. Until love wedged its way in. Then she’s given an ultimatum – choose one or lose both. Hollywood’s hottest star, Luke Jameson, or sinfully sexy personal trainer, Jake Lockwood. Who will it be?

Neither man is willing to make the choice easier. Even when Adrianna makes her decision, it’s not a bed of roses.

Love is on the line as three become two…

This is the highly anticipated continuation of Adrianna’s story that began in “Love for Two,” the first book in the Love for Series. The series concludes in "Love for All," available now.


Love for Two

Makeup artist Adrianna is ready to move on. After shaking off the self-pity a recent breakup left her in, she’s ready to shake off some weight, too. And just in time, because she’s about to be on a movie set with her long-time celebrity crush, Luke Jameson.

Enter Jake Lockwood, personal trainer. Jake brings the moves to get her pulse thumping, and in more places than the gym. Who can she choose when she has not one but two dreamy men wanting her? Jake, as predatory as he is kind; or Luke, who knows what he’s doing but treats her differently from his previous conquests?

A love triangle that will dare you to choose one man…

This is the first book in the “Love for Series.” Its story concludes in “Love for One” and “Love for All” which are available now.


Love for All

It’s Jake’s turn to choose love…

After being a little unlucky in love, Jake Lockwood focused his energy on his business. Now, he’s a successful CEO of a fitness empire, but his luck in love hasn’t changed.

Until Erica Johnson comes seeking a job as his assistant. Their past is complex but the connection between them is anything but. Can they let go of their twisted past and find their way to happiness?

Will there finally be love for them all?

This is the final book in the Love for Series. The first two books, “Love for Two” and “Love for One” are available now.



The Tatted Crooner

Camila Vaughn can have anything she wants. If she doesn’t have it, her Hollywood producer father can get it for her, but where is the fun in that?!

When pop star Jackson Barstow has his last concert with backstage stage access in Los Angeles, Camila considers winning the tickets and passes the ultimate game of chance. It’s a game she has to win.

What she doesn’t realize is that the real game of chance comes backstage when she and her friend are alone with Jackson.

This book is for mature readers and contains alcohol, drugs and a FMF sex scene that will leave you begging for more! The Celeb Hookups Series can be read together or as stand-alone novellas, but Camila would bet you can’t stop at one.