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Brandon Berntson studied English and Literature at Utah State University, but grew up in various towns throughout Colorado, where most of his stories take place. A fan of dark fantasy, horror, magical realism, and young adult fantasy, he is the author of Castle Juliet and When We Were Dragons, enchanting, magical reads for all ages. He is also the author of Body of Immorality, a cryptic collection of horror stories, and the raw, adult-themed, All The Gods Against Me.

His influences include Stephen King, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Jonathan Carroll, Anne Rice, Elizabeth Hand, Peter Straub, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, Jack London, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Ernest Hemingway.

Brandon is a fan of Colorado sports, Beethoven, Ronnie James Dio, and classic horror films. He makes his home in Boulder, Colorado.

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Teen & Young Adult

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Castle Juliet (Sample)

Where imagination rules the land!

Welcome to Storyville, where magic lasts forever, and tigers and aliens co-exist alongside clock-makers and cowgirls.

Jack Bristol and Alice Skylar are the best of friends. For a year, they embark on fantastic adventures, most of which are born from Jack's relentless imagination: ferocious, man-eating tigers, spaceships with pink lasers, and an evil wizard named, Doornail. Yet they also struggle with the realities of school, bullying, and the absence of a parent.

But as each season draws to a close, another one opens, revealing its own timeless mystery, things Jack and Alice could have never imagined on their own, but are - without question - the most important things in life . . .


Divinity Series Box Set (Sample)

Clarence Manning is a working stiff and a borderline alcoholic, whose only solace is gazing out his window at mankind with a drink in his hand. Love and beauty are dead and gone.

But when three sentient beings invade his life, Clarence scoffs at their divine nature. Trujillo matches Clarence's apathy with divine, razor-like arrogance. Lenore bestows the most beautiful, loving companion. And Donatello offers loyalty and friendship in a way he's never experienced.

But Clarence wants no part of divine intervention, and he rebukes the gods with a vengeance. When Trujillo proposes war, Clarence taps into his own god-like power, unleashing an influence born from his sinister past, a creature of shadow that spells annihilation for mankind, the gods, and the very fabric of reality.


Body of Immorality: Tales of Madness and the Macabre (Sample)

Body of Immorality: Tales of Madness and the Macabre showcases 17 highly original tales of horror that teeter precariously between the brink of madness and sanity. Death is never quite the end...let alone an escape...and blood is spilled by the gallons.

Meet Red Joe, a comical thespian, a mad genius, a virtual super-hero...made completely out of blood.

Henry Rohrey, a truck driver, hears voices coming from his c.b., urging him to kill. Resistance, of course, proves futile.

After an eternity in the grave, the dead finally get to have their day in the sun in, In the The Dark Kingdom.

For Carl Tallard, who lives his life at sea, a ship in the distance promises love and dreams come true, only what he finds is anything but romantic.


Snapdragon Series Box Set (Sample)

When a cloaked figure arrives in Ellishome, Colorado, the town is besieged by murder, madness, and evil.

But as the people search for answers, Seth Auburn, a small boy, has some questions of his own, especially when Ben, a magical tiger, visits him in the meadow beyond his backyard.

Ben and the stranger are linked, waging wars for centuries across the galaxies, and their most recent battle has brought them to Seth's hometown.

Seth owns something that can aid the tiger in defeating the stranger forever. Only it will take a leap of faith, along with a perilous quest into the mountains beyond his home.

With a gang of newfound friends, Seth and his companions travel through parallel worlds to find a mysterious palace, where their dreams become reality, and the magic begins to unfold.