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Gigolo Cop

When Bad Boy Cop, Officer Pladis, isn't beating up thugs or planting evidence on them, he's moonlighting as a Sexy-as-Hell Gigolo for Hire. With his Greek God-Like Physique, Chiseled Jawline, and Electric blue eyes, the Handsome Son-of-a-Bitch has no problem getting women to pay him for sex. But he's met his match in Feisty Defense Attorney, Elizabeth Kudrow. After Seducing Her, Ripping Her Off and Framing Her Hitman Client, the Vexed Power Lawyer is on the War Path and has set the perfect trap to Nail His Cocky Ass in Open Court. Sure, Officer Pladis is Easy on the Eyes, but she's a Woman scorned and is gonna make him pay for F*cking Her Over! At least that's her plan, until the Hitman comes calling, & only the Cop she loathes so much can help save her very life... In more ways than one.