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Hello my Lovely Readers/Friends,

I am a self-published paranormal romance and erotica author, with 4 full-length novels and more than 20 short stories in the market (and many more in the making). I've always wanted to create something unique, but also something that people can relate to, and I think I found my way of expression in erotica. Sex is beautiful, and it's something that we should discuss more often. It doesn't have to be vulgar or barbaric, and who said that erotica can't lead to a little bit of romance on the side? Or some magic, for that matter. Oh, yes, I tend to combine both realms, and I'm not afraid to experiment, either.

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Squirm Under My Watch

Ruby wanted to go deer hunting. Or at least that's what she told her fiancé. The truth couldn't be further from that lie though. Especially since she left the bullets home. What she truly wanted was live out one of her fantasies by a waterfall. Naked. Alone. There was only one 'problem': she had company...