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Tin Monkeys

A truly repulsive human being, a brilliantly eccentric TV scientist, and an altruistic sycophant intertwine their lives and deaths in this satisfyingly bizarre tale that will have the reader questioning the very fabric of reality.

"Tin Monkeys is a many-layered onion. Every time one layer falls, a whole new parallel universe reveals itself. Andrenik Y. Sergoyan includes a great deal of cutting edge science in this convoluted tale of micro and macro predestination versus free will. He explores all reaches of the cosmos and theology with equal aplomb and continually returns to the seamy underbelly of a rogue cop's sordid self-destruction. Tin Monkeys will intrigue, repulse and befuddle you. How can you resist?" - Readers'


The Age of Ash

From controversial author, Andrenik Y. Sergoyan, explore the first in his epic fantasy series, Sword of the Perithia.

Enter a mystical kingdom segregated from the world by mysterious gods & the all powerful church that covets them. To keep the evils of the outside world at bay, the gods created a being, Aegis, & granted him & only him the strength to wield the mightiest weapon the world has ever known against any who dare threaten their holy lands. But when Aegis mysteriously & without warning lays down the great Sword of the Perithia & abandons them all, dark armies begin to stir beyond their borders and chaos sows across the countryside.

As heroes rise, the mystery of the gods starts to unfold, unveiling a dark plot of corruption, betrayal, & horror.


What Lies Below

No one knew where it came from. Perhaps it had always been; an impossibly deep pit that long had been the black heart of their village. Each year during the winter solstice, the elders bound a virgin to the altar and lowered her into its depths, an offering to the beast that dwelled below. But when Tybier’s betrothed was chosen to make the descent, he decided the time of the beast was over. Sword in hand, he delved into the cellar of the world to slay the beast, but what he found in the deep proved more terrible than anyone had imagined.