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Women's Fiction

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It's been a long time since I've set foot in Club Masque. After months overseas with nothing but my hand to satisfy me, I need a sub. But not just any. I need one who will submit to me completely.

Then I see her across the room: lush curves, perfect skin, mouth that will look gorgeous screaming my name. Once I see her, there's no going back. She doesn't know it yet, but tonight she's mine.


New to this city, I'm eager to find out just what club Masque has to offer. So far it hasn't been much...

Until Rhett. He's strong, handsome, powerful, everything I imagine in a perfect dom, and he wants me to be his for the night.

After just one touch I want more, but can I what handle he's asking of me? I'm about to find out. I've already told him, "Yes, sir. Use me."