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By Your Side (An Alien Romance Story)

Rhonda Franklin is a beautiful young woman with a bright future. Unfortunately, her home planet Earth has just been invaded by the evil Larmillians. Aliens from the Saturn moon, Encelada have been sent on a rescue mission to save as many Earthlings from the Larmillians as they can. Fortunately, Rhonda and her family manage to escape with the Enceladians. Then, Rhonda and one of the Enceladians, Karik Lanika, manage to escape in a space pod when the Larmillians capture the Enceladian ship. Rhonda and Karik then begin a harrowing adventure to try and rescue her parents from the clutches of the Larmillians. As the adventure progresses, Rhonda and the hairy and muscular Enceladian develop a special fondness for each other. Their adventure takes them to a dangerous space colony where they hope