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33rd County

Liam O’Sullivan doesn’t understand what’s happening in Crimea. No, strike that, he understands the what, but he doesn’t get the why and how. Like, how can one part of a country suddenly become a part of another country? And if it’s what the people wanted, why did it only just happen now?
And, why has it pissed off the rest of the world? Like, surely it’s pretty much the same thing in Gibraltar, and the Falklands, and Northern Ireland, so why are the Brits allowed to impose sanctions?
It’s all very confusing. It’s mystifying. Complicated.
For Liam, though, it’s all about to get a lot more complicated after his blog post. Which he only did for the craic.
After all, how could anyone think he was serious when he said Ireland should annex Kilburn?


My Better Half

“If Fight Club and American Psycho had a book baby…” Amazon review.

When you have already lost everything there is nothing else to fear. And with nothing to fear you can do anything.
You can reinvent yourself. You can do what you have always wanted. You can travel or write that novel or take up golf, maybe learn a language.
Or you could just do what you really want to do and get revenge.

My Better Half is a disturbing psychological crime drama with a twist that will leave you reeling.