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Starboard Secrets

After a terrible divorce, senior Millie Sanders stumbles upon a help wanted ad in the newspaper for the perfect job as an assistant cruise ship director. Before Millie can talk herself out of it, she fills out the application and mails it in. Much to her surprise, not only does the company contact her, they hire her!

Determined to start a new life and new career, Millie boards the ship, ready for a new adventure. She isn’t on board the massive floating city - her new home - more than ten minutes when a dead body is discovered near the atrium bar. Millie finds herself right in the thick of the investigation.

Will Millie delve too deeply and risk losing her job – and possibly her life?


Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries-Box Set I (Books 1-4)  

Sweet Southern Sleuths Cozy Mysteries-Box Set I (Books 1-4 of 12)

Book 1: Teepees & Trailer Parks
Book 2: Bag of Bones
Book 3: Southern Stalker
Book 4: Two Settle the Score

Book 1: Teepees & Trailer Parks

Loretta Sweet and her identical twin sister, Lacy, have recently inherited a home in Misery, Mississippi, from their distant relative, (Aunt) Tess McCoy. Their aunt's attorney insists that the girls meet him at the property to discuss the specifics of the will. When the sisters arrive for the meeting, they discover that there is more...much more to the will than just inheriting a home. As the attorney prepares to go over the details of the will, one of the "stipulations" makes a dramatic entrance...