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Science Fiction

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A man finds himself invisible and has to cope with the consequences.


Catching: A Global Pandemic Thriller


Better Than Human Episode One

A man wakes up with no memory, cold and in the dark, dying of hypothermia.

He must discover who he is and what happened to him.

But the stakes are much bigger than one man’s life. Sam Barrick is special right down to his DNA - unique - in a way he can't even begin to understand yet. But he will have to and soon because he has the fate of humanity in his hands.


Time Shift

A fast-paced time travel thriller from an exciting new author.

In 2016, Greg Sanford, a jaded ex-doctor meets a mysterious man who takes him back in time to the 1980's, then tells him that his world in 2016 is not how it should be. Margaret Thatcher was murdered. Everyone knows that. Only she never should have died. Because when she did the world changed forever.

Greg must go back. Stop her assassination. Because he is the only man who can. And the stakes couldn’t be higher. Because if he fails it means the end of the world.

Grab this book if you enjoy fast-paced time-travel/political assassination thrillers.


2027:2017 Episode One

A man living in a dystopian world in the very near future must go back in time and change history.