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(Sneak Peek) Witchin' Spice

Welcome to Witchin’ Spice Bakery or what’s left of it… My name is Broo. Yes, Broo. And I’m new here. So, we’re going to be learning this witch-y stuff together.

See, I didn’t know I had these color changing magical powers that would make a box of crayons jealous and put me at the top of the therapist’s schedule. That is if I needed a therapist. Which I don’t.

And I didn’t know that being dropped in Blue Balls Falls, Virginia would alert the Wicked Shitz and prompt an unwanted and nasty family reunion with my messed up in the head Papa Warlock.

Of course there’s also a a cursed frog in need of a kiss, the Prayer Chain because they travel in a pack and stick together no matter what, and a wand that needs a bit of love and understanding.

*Part of Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem KW*