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Magic. Demons. Sacrifice. Betrayal.

Winner of the IndieReader Discovery Award for Fantasy

Darien Lauchlin has already lost everything. Now, the only thing he has left to lose is his soul. Darien finds himself faced with an impossible decision: either remain steadfast to his morals and watch everything he loves fall around him--or abandon his principles and become the most destructive force his world has ever known. Accompanied by Naia, a priestess of Death, Darien embarks upon a harrowing journey that will lead him toward a path of utter self-destruction.


The Battle of Meridan Short Story

A siege. A love triangle. And brutal choices that have echoing consequences. The Battle of Meridan is a thrilling foray into the moral quagmire that is The Rhenwars Saga. Set twenty years before Darkmage, this furious battle was a turning point in the war that will have dramatic repercussions on things to come. For current Rhenwars fans hungering for background or casual readers alike, this short story is an action-packed introduction to this award-winning grimdark fantasy series!