JG Alva never thought he would be an author.
Sketching and painting from an early age, James always envisaged a life ruled by pigment: portraits, commissions, advertising and the like.
Writing was only a hobby. Writing was fun. From a four hundred page novel about alien civilisations at the age of fourteen, to twenty five more years of writing without having a single piece or composition published, James almost gave up a thousand times.
During this period, he studied Art, earning a Fine Art Degree; at the same time he struggled through a succession of jobs in a bid to earn enough to live: a cleaner, a bartender at a golf course, a laster in a shoe factory, a warehouse assistant, a sales technician, a planning engineer.
JG Alva is the author of Tattoo, Drawing Blood, The Artisans and The Bristol Savages, and lives in Bristol. Visit the website for more information on his books, as well as drawings and trivia about locations found in the novels.
James also writes science fiction under the name James G. Alva.




Leenna Naidoo

An action-packed adrenalin rush of a read. It's short and quick and left me wishing there was more. I especially love how the family holds together in this story.

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Green Light

What at first seems like a family dispute, quickly turns into something far more deadly.
Once upon a time, Sutton Mills agreed to a favour: a promise to help, if help was ever needed. Now, that favour is being called in…not by the woman to whom the favour was given, but by the woman’s daughter. Her mother stands to lose her livelihood, her successful letting agency, if Sutton is not able to help.
Tall, dark and handsome, Sutton Mills is not a detective, a private eye, or a vigilante. But if the police are unwilling – or unable – to proceed, then someone might go to Sutton, and Sutton might agree to look into the problem; sometimes as a favour to a friend; sometimes for a price.
Green Light is a prequel to the disturbing but much loved Sutton Mills series.