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Dominated by the Librarian, part #1: 'Surrender to your Desire' (Romantic male submission erotica)

Peter Thompson works as a graphic designer in central London and has recently broken up with his girlfriend after a small misunderstanding regarding how much flirting a man can get away with. In an attempt to avoid his depressing flat, he stays late at the local library, browsing through free magazines.

When the library is closing for the evening, Peter finds himself alone together with a short and curvy redheaded librarian, however when he tries to seduce her everything suddenly gets a little bit out of control.

Out of his control, that is…

Warning: This story is aimed for adult reading only and contains erotica and BDSM content, including a dominant redheaded female librarian and light bondage.


Dominated by his Bodyguard: ‘Submit to Her’ - A Prequel Bonus Story (Romantic male submission erotica)

‘Submit to Her’ is a standalone prequel to the ‘Dominated by his Bodyguard’ series by Tara Jones. Each story can be read and enjoyed separately or together (like episodes in a mini-series!).

George K. Jameson is a famous billionaire from New York. He has a serious heart condition and he needs to leave the States for his upcoming surgery, which must be kept secret from ruthless business rivals and hungry journalists.

But nothing will go according to plan and before long George finds himself out of his luxurious comfort zone together with a dangerously attractive woman who likes submissive men.

And the journey has barely begun.

Warning: This story is for adult reading only and contains BDSM erotica content including: Permission, semi-rough sex, and a strong, dominant woman.