Keith “K. L.” Belvin is a crisis counselor, published author, educator, mentor, and public speaker with over twenty years of educational experience with teaching credentials NYC and DE. Keith also holds a certification in investigations and an ordained minister in Delaware.

Keith's possess an MA in Human Service Counseling / Specializing in Christian Ministry from Liberty University, an MS in Education / Specializing in Curriculum Writing, Assessments, along with BS, and AS.
Through Bravin Consultants, his private counseling practice, Keith has helped many singles and couples in developing actionable goals to becoming better individuals and mates. He also offers Literary and Educational counseling for authors and educators in need of assistance.

Keith is the founder and operator of Bravin Publishing LLC, a company that provides literary services to new and upcoming authors. Established in 2010, Bravin Publishing has released all of Keith's titles (4) as well as 42 other titles for various authors. is Keith's company website where you'll find all the links to what he does.

To secure Keith K. L. Belvin for an event or panel contact his voicemail (347) 921-0443 or email, attention General Manager.

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