Keith L. Belvin is the owner and operator of Bravin Consultants LLC.

As a certified Crisis Specialist, Marriage Counselor, and Educator, Keith helps Women, Men, and Couples with their current mental health issues. Keith addresses emotional problems through person-centered Counseling and helps them become experts in their lives while taking charge of their feelings and current issues. In addition, Keith helps many become more self-aware of how powerful they are and were created to be. Keith also provides Christian Counseling for those of the Christian faith with his unique melding of religious beliefs and therapeutic assistance.

Keith currently runs a weekly mentor program called “The Young Kings and Young Queens,” designed to help young men and women with their social-emotional awareness and other teenage-related issues faced during the school year. In addition, Keith is a role model and educational consultant for the schools that hire him.
Keith owns Bravin Publishing LLC,
Bravin Publishing is a boutique literary service provider that helps authors self-publish their literary works. Keith has published six of his titles and works with over fifty authors to create their academic dreams. In addition, Keith has contributed to multiple anthologies and is an award-winning poet and non-fiction writer.

Keith’s Achievements and Education.
Owner of Bravin Consultants LLC (2020) & Bravin Publishing LLC (2010)
Crisis Specialist, Certified Marriage Counselor, Professional Problem Solver
Out-Patient and Family Therapist, Supervised under First State Behavioral, DE.
Masters in Human Service Counseling, specializing in Christian Ministry, Liberty U.
Masters in Education, specializing in Curriculum Writing, Assessments, and Teaching, Walden U
Former Dean of Students & Educator, NYCDOE 1995 - 2016
Brooklyn Borough President Commendation Recipient. 2007
Award-Winning Published Author (six titles) & contributor to multiple anthologies, including The Soul of a Man1, 2, & 3
featured in Ebony Magazine’s Black Love issue 2012
Literary Service Provider / Independent Publisher
Certified Educator Delaware & New York
Certified Investigator for the State of Delaware
Former Misogynist and now happily Married Man of God. Keith and his wife have been together for 21 years, married for 14 years, and are the father of seven children, ranging from 39 to 7 years old.

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12 Steps to Recovering From a Toxic Relationship

Are you tired of feeling trapped in a toxic relationship? Do you feel like you always walk on eggshells, never knowing what your partner will do or say next? If so, "12 Steps to Recovering from a Toxic Relationship" is the book for you.

In this powerful guide, author and relationship expert Keith K. L. Belvin shares his journey of healing from a toxic relationship and offers practical, step-by-step advice for anyone who wants to do the same. Drawing from his years of experience counseling individuals and couples, Keith supplies a comprehensive roadmap to help you move past the pain and trauma of a toxic relationship and begin rebuilding your life.

Through 12 clear and actionable steps, you will learn how to identify the signs of a toxic relationship, take responsibility for your healing, set healthy boundaries, and develop a robust support system. You will also discover powerful tools for managing your emotions, rebuilding your self-esteem, and creating a new vision for your life.


A Man In Transition

A Man In Transition tells a story in poetry and prose of a misogynistic gigolo, reckless father; ego maniac turned devoted husband, educator, and role model. What do you call a man who cheated on his wife numerous times, fathered multiple children, was driven by his ego, drank and partied as if there was t a tomorrow, and even turned one of his children into the police? Today he is a devoted husband who loves his wife with each breath. He tak care of all his children and honors his responsibilities. He holds a Master s degree in education and found the Lord. He now spends his time trying to heal others on the same path he was to destroy. You would call him; A Man in Transition. Through poetry, short stories, and observations, K. L. gives you a glimpse into his life as misogynist