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TR Cameron is an emerging author of military science fiction and urban fantasy. He has been writing for a long, long time. When he's not writing, he's spending time with his family and avoiding the loving attention of the family's cats, who are seemingly desperate to use his keyboard to type their own manuscripts.


Science Fiction

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The Suicide Run

The Destroyer Lubyanka. Undefeated. Undefeatable.

Cadets Anderson Cross and Kate Flynn face the ultimate rite of passage: taking on the Lubyanka. Countless others have tried. Countless others have failed. Now it is up to them. Together, they will try to overcome the undefeatable enemy.

The Suicide Run is the start of the adventures of Cross and Kate, which will continue in the 5-book Chaos Shift Cycle, debuting in August 2017. If you like military science fiction, rocket-paced adventure, and a dash of sarcasm, the Chaos Shift Cycle is for you!

Download The Suicide Run today and get the first story of this epic science fiction adventure!